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Siouxon Creek Hike-It-Out 8/1/14

August 5, 2014 / by maryb

Siouxon Creek is one of my favorite hikes in Oregon. The trail is easy to navigate and the terrain is very smooth and soft compared to other trails. It’s also nice to hear the rush of the creek through the entire hike!

The forest is managed really well and there is a lot of moss and mushrooms in all seasons. The area where you can camp by the waterfall and  close to the creek bed is well-maintained–never any garbage or other forms of human or dog waste (eww!) like there is in many state or national parks. This place rocks!

It was in the upper 80’s on my third visit to Siouxon Creek. We hiked in 2 miles and took a break by the waterfall to have lunch and rest. I don’t usually nap on hikes, but I found a really nice shady spot in a big patch of moss with mossy branch pillow that was just the right size to prop my head on. I felt like Hippolyta in her forest bower in Midsummer Night’s Dream, and had a very refreshing nap. No noise, no bugs and no unexpected visitors!

Please click any of the images below to see a full-size version.

The Siouxon Creek Trail.

The Siouxon Creek Trail.


So many huge standing dead trees… I love them.


Hello lil’ shroomer…

Shaded by Devil's Club.

Shaded by Devil’s Club.


Coral Mushroom

Beautiful Coral Mushroom… I had never seen one before.


Siouxon Creek

Siouxon Creek

At the top of the falls.

At the top of the falls.

My friend Carly cut her river teeth :-) The falls in the background...

My friend Carly cut her river teeth 🙂 The falls in the background…

This is how it felt napping in the moss by the falls. ("Titania" by Frederick Howard Michael, 1896.)

This is how it felt napping in the moss by the falls. (“Titania” by Frederick Howard Michael, 1896.)


Post-nap in the moss under devil’s clubs.

4 thoughts on “Siouxon Creek Hike-It-Out 8/1/14

  1. David N says:

    Those mushrooms are really cool! I haven’t seen anything like that before.

    • maryb says:

      Thanks,David! I had only seen photos of them before this hike. My friend Carly was up ahead of me and pointed it out and helped with IDing it 🙂 Wanna come up and hike with us some Friday before school starts? We plan to hike throughout the year once a week, too. Just have to see how our school/work schedules shape up.

      Congrats on your photos at the fair. That macro one of the ladybug and tiny flowers is beautiful and so cute!

      • Hector says:

        I’ve always loved the way light has a way of golwing spring green leaves. This photo with the bright greens laid over the red of that wonderful old barn fills my eyes.That red color is the same as what my parents painted their home. I LOVE it!

    • Toma says:

      As you know, we used to live in Bucks County…we’d love to drive the back roads – the scenery was mnciifngeat and the old farms (really old) were mnciifngeat. I like both of these shots, but the second is most successful, I think…

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