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First morning blog post and doodle experiment 8/27/14

August 27, 2014 / by maryb

Welp, I submitted my travel grant application to the committee at PSU last night.  The funding will help offset the costs of going to the Peerpocalypse conference and the Mad In America International Film Festival in October. The primary investigator of the project I work on wrote an amazing letter of support that I hope will win the hearts of the grant committee. Should hear back in a week or so… fingers crossed!

My team at work is having our final big group meeting of the summer this afternoon. Summer interns are going to give poster presentations and I’m going to teach folks my simple crochet technique and give a short talk on some research I’m doing on it. I’m working on a paper called “This Is Your Brain on Crochet: Repetitive Motion, Flow and the Secret to Self-Efficacy in Protracted Withdrawal” for the Peerpocalypse conference in October and was considering working extra hard this morning to finish the draft I’ve been working on for the meeting today. However, I’m pretty whupped and decided against it. I have a full day of work today and tomorrow, so taking it down a notch makes sense. I can always send my paper to folks when I finish it. Plus, focusing on teaching the technique and talking about it while crafting a bit sounds like plenty of work and a lot of fun. I’m going to miss the young interns when they leave soon and look forward to their presentations and having lunch with them today.

I’ve been doodling before bed some nights and when I have a spare moment during the day with art supplies close by. I did these when Kiri and I went to Washington Park to hang out and do art a couple of weekends ago.

The one on the left represents the static-y feeling I get in my brain, and the one on the right represents how my mind feels when I am relaxed. I was feeling the static as I drew the one on the left just after arriving at the park. Then, I did some breathing exercises and stretches and drew the one on the right. Pretty interesting to see the results in visual representation…



One thought on “First morning blog post and doodle experiment 8/27/14

  1. Gabriela says:

    This post is so wonderful! Journaling is impontart! I love how you doodle and wish I had some of that talent. But alas, I’m just a writer of thoughts. Which works for me!!! Sorry to hear of your loss! My tprayers are with you & your family!!!

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