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Wahclella Falls Hike-It-Out 8/25/14

September 6, 2014 | Nature Photos and Stories | Permalink

The hike into Wahclella Falls is one of the most interesting trails in the Gorge-ous. It starts out really flat along Tanner Creek and winds it’s way up and into your heart as you enter the canyon where the falls are. There is also a small waterfall called Munra Falls that streams against a rock […]

Portland Japanese Garden 8/10/14

August 11, 2014 | Nature Photos and Stories | Permalink

I’ve been wanting to go to the Japanese garden since I moved to Portland, but always find myself going further out to more rugged areas. What a treat it turned out to be! What impressed me the most was the architecture of the gardens and how quiet it was. We figured there were maybe 200 […]

Bear Lake Hike-It-Out 8/8/14

August 10, 2014 | Nature Photos and Stories | Permalink

The hike to Bear Lake takes you through the Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness, which reminds me of a Kurosawa movie for some reason. The elevation is 4,000 feet, so the forest is a little barren and all you can hear is the wind blowing through the trees. Ideal hike on a hot summer day… The […]

Siouxon Creek Hike-It-Out 8/1/14

August 5, 2014 | Nature Photos and Stories | Permalink

Siouxon Creek is one of my favorite hikes in Oregon. The trail is easy to navigate and the terrain is very smooth and soft compared to other trails. It’s also nice to hear the rush of the creek through the entire hike! The forest is managed really well and there is a lot of moss […]